Stockage d’énergie

Storing electrical energy

Our planet’s sustainable future depends on the regular, widespread use of renewable energies such as wind and solar. Unfortunately, wind and solar power plants produce electricity when the weather permits and not necessarily when the electricity is needed. Hence, in order for wind and solar to meet electricity demand, it is necessary to be able to store energy and produce the electricity when it is needed. As electricity can’t be stored, this energy is wasted.

Instead of saturating the grid, the surplus of electrical energy can be used to produce hydrogen – a clean, efficient, convenient way to store energy and power Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) or to heat buildings. In the future, when technology is less expensive, the hydrogen stored will be used also to release electricity in the grid, with the help of fuel cells, in the moments of high energy demand, acting as a moderator.

stoquage energie hydrogene

Source : McPhy Energy